Pool Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Non Compliance in Sydney

NSW swimming pool compliance legislation has been introduced to protect the safety of those who reside in a property with a swimming pool, and as of 29 April 2016 you will not be legally able to sell, rent or lease your house unless you have obtained a swimming pool Compliance Certificate or a Certificate of Non Compliance to enable sale to proceed but the new owners are responsible for the rectification works within a 90 day period after settlement.

What is a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Non Compliance?

A swimming pool certificate of compliance is a Government issued certificate verifying that your pool has been assessed by a certified inspector and has been deemed safe and compliant with government safety regulations.

A certificate of Non Compliance when issued is valid for 12 months and advises the purchaser that they have 90 days after settlement to complete the works required to bring the pool up to the required standards.

A pool safety certificate can only be issued by an accredited certifier once a thorough assessment of the swimming pool, fences and surrounds has been conducted, and the certifier is satisfied that the swimming pool meets all safety regulations and standards detailed in the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

A swimming pool certificate of compliance is valid for 3 years, after which time a new inspection must be carried out on the swimming pool to ensure it still meets current safety standards.

How do I get a Pool Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Non Compliance?

The first step of the certification process is for an accredited certifier to carry out a thorough inspection of your pool, fences and latches and surrounds to assess how compliant your pool is with applicable government standards.

If your pool is compliant, you will be issued with a certificate. If however there are areas of non-compliance that need to be addressed, your certifier will issue you with a written report detailing each problem and suggested method of resolution, or issue a Certificate of Non Compliance and will re-inspect your pool once the problems have been fixed.

Hills Pool Inspections’ certifiers are Sydney’s experts in pool compliance. We have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, and are specially trained and accredited by the Department of Fair Trading.

Our certifiers offer a range of comprehensive swimming pool compliance inspections, including Pre Pool Purchase advisory services, pre-sale inspections and pre-rental inspections.

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