Are You Aware of the New Legislations?

Back in 2013 the State Government formatted new updates for pool fencing and safety requirements that are/will be in effect throughout the State. Put plainly, if you are selling your property, looking to rent or lease your property, and there is a swimming pool on that property, unless you have a current ‘Certificate of Compliance’ you’re in trouble! You would be unable sell it, rent it out or lease it!

Every property with a pool needs to be inspected by qualified inspectors (it’s called an E1 Certifier) who is authorised to certify that your pool complies with the current or applicable legislation. These Accredited Certifiers are specially trained and accredited by the Department of Fair Trading and are also registered with the appropriate authorities to certify that your pool complies.

In NSW the preferred Certifiers are Hills Pool Inspections.

You can contact them either by texting your details to 0411 420 888 or email at [email protected] or via their web site

Once you contact them, they will respond within 24 hours and make a suitable appointment time.

Don’t risk being fined by Council!!

Fines can vary from $220 to $550 per item of non-compliance, and if the matters are not correctly addressed, court actions can impose fines of up to $5,500 peritem of non-compliance!

Let the experts at Hills Pool Inspections see to it you are all sorted!

Hills Pool Inspections offer four types of services to protect you and your clients.

  1. Pre Pool Purchase or Property Purchase Advisory Service. This multi-functioning service includes an exhaustive inspection of the pool site and a fully comprehensive written report advising of any work that needs doing to bring the pool and safety barriers up to the required.
  1. Pre-Sales inspection. This report is a requirement under the act and includes a report advising any work required to bring the pool up to compliance standards as applicable. It includes the report and advice and the issuing of the Compliance Certificate (if everything complies).
  1. Pre-Rental Inspections are the same as Pre Sales inspections and are mandatory.
  1. Re-Inspection before the expiry of a previous CC has expired. If Hills Pools Inspections carried out the previous Compliance Certification, this re-inspection is only $250. If the Original Compliance Certification is by someone else, and the pool does not meet the required accreditation, a second inspection is required to confirm compliance then additional inspections are reduced to $150 each.

Each ‘Compliance Certificate’ is valid for three years and a new Inspection and Compliance Certificate must be issued each three years. It is suggested the pools are re-inspected every 2.5 years to ensure time allowed for any rectification works if required.

For the most expert and reliable pool inspection service, Call Hills Pool Inspection (Accredited building certifiers/pool inspector/compliance officer Sydney) on 0411420888, email at [email protected] or book service online today and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a suitable time and date for your inspection.